Brent is excited to announce that Friday, January 22nd will be Team Spirit Day. Students and staff are asked to wear something that represents a team, group, or community that they are proud to be a part of (i.e., Washington Redskins, Capitol Kicks, Brent ES). In the week leading up to January 22nd, classes will discuss what it means to be a good team member and will participate in a variety of teambuilding activities. To support our emphasis on teamwork, students are encouraged to create a visual representation (i.e., a poster, poem, and/or drawing) that shows what teamwork means to them. These representations will be displayed on a first floor bulletin board. Go team!

The Brent PTA General Meeting for January will be on Wednesday, the 20th, at 6:30pm. The meeting will focus on a discussion of PARCC scores, both at the school and individual student level. The meeting will be a family night, so childcare (with dinner and entertainment) will be provided.

The December Brent PTA General Meeting is tonight from 6:30-8pm, with childcare (dinner and entertainment) provided!  Aside from updates on recent happenings at Brent, we also have a presentation/Q&A with officer from the MPD 1st District Station, news about a new partnership Brent has started via the DCPS “adopt a school” program, a presentation about Brent’s enrollment in SY 2015-16, and a discussion about the recently released PARCC scores.

Thanks to all of you who made your Annual Fund contributions as part of our “give thanks for Brent” Thanksgiving drive. Our total now stands at $54,000. With just one month to go, please help us reach our goal of $100,000 and 100% participation. Any amount counts! Make your donations online at or drop a check in the PTA lockbox in the front office. We’re also looking for volunteers for our December phone drive. If you’d like to spend an evening reaching out to your friends and neighbors on behalf of Brent, please contact Annual Fund chair Norma Verona at The Annual Fund crew will begin making out reach calls this week so please donate today so they can cross your family off the call list.

wreath and garlandThe Brent Christmas Tree and Holiday Sale established itself as the neighborhood’s must do event to launch the holiday season. Paul and Kelly Sherman, parents of Brent students Lila and Nora, came up with the idea to sell high quality Christmas Trees five years ago and with the Brent Community on hand, created an amazing event for the entire Capitol Hill Community. With an army of volunteers, this past weekend’s Christmas Tree and Holiday Sale was an enormous success. This weekend not only served as a Holiday sale but as a Brent homecoming where former Brent students, now in middle and high school came back to pick up trees, buy cookies and select wreaths and garland. Neighbors greeted neighbors and enjoyed the festive cheer of the sale. This event illustrated the spirit of the Brent community. Beautiful posters announcing the sale adorned our front [Read More]