Welcome back Brent!!

Please find below the class lists for 2015-2016! The staff eagerly awaits your child’s return for the school year!

Reminder: Open House, Friday, August 21st from 3-4pm

First Day of School for K-5: Monday, August 24th

ECE Transition Week: NO SCHOOL for ECE students Monday-Wednesday, Aug 24 – 26
Last names that start with A-K attend all-day Thursday (the 27th)
Last names that start with L-Z attend all-day Friday (the 28th)



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Brent Families, please use the link below to pay for both your supply and field trip fees. Since Brent can purchase supplies in bulk using DCPS negotiated pricing, we are able to leverage significant cost savings while creating an efficient, streamlined process. Finally, payments are due by Friday, August 28th.

See everyone soon!

Principal Young

Brent Supply and Field Trip Fee

Brent readers logged over 200 books by 4th of July weekend! How is your reading going so far? Tell us about it at www.tinyurl.com/BrentReading ! And, if you need some recommendations, below are some from your classmates. Happy reading!

Sienna read Franny K. Stein by Jim Bentin and wrote:

I think Franny is interesting because she tries to make new friends by changing herself, but it’s better to make your own friends without changing yourself. At the end of the book, all her friends realize that she is a monster but like her still.

Leilani read Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi and wrote:

This book has a lesson that everyone should learn: Dream big and do your best. The pig in the story was always told she shouldn’t do things but finally decided to stick to one thing: ice skating! She kept falling down but kept trying and got back up again.

Addy read Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans and wrote:

This is a GREAT book about a little girl named Madeline. I have read it lots of times before. This time I noticed that it is poetry. It’s poetry because there are rhyming words. Rhyming words that I noticed were NINE, LINES, SHINE and MADELINE. There are a lot more in the book. I have read this book lots of times, and I think you should read it lots of times too because it is an INTERESTING book with lots of GOOD pictures!

Lucas and Catie read Little Kids First Big Book of Space by Catherine Hughes and said:

Lucas: I’m learning all about the planets!
Catie: We live in the Milky Way!

Ryanne read The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein and wrote:

I love the idea of a boy being able to think of something, and have it come true. All these different and creative thoughts are really what transport me into the world of The Island of Dr. Libris.

Brent’s 2015 Recommended Summer Reading List is now available! This is a useful resource to reference when you are looking for excellent books over the summer. In it, you will find grade-level lists, poetry collections, author recommendations, and even recommendations for grown-ups!

These are books we love, but of course the most important thing is to spend time reading. We know that summer reading is critical to maintain reading levels; kids that don’t read consistently over summer lose about one month’s worth of learning before school starts back up. Not only does this waste learning time in the fall, it creates significant gaps between the kids that have read over summer and the kids that haven’t, since kids that read at their just-right level all summer long often come back to school ready to move up levels!

Again this summer, students can log their reading on-line! There is a Brent Summer Reading Log, and it can be found at:


Each time your child finishes a book, he or she can enter the title and a little information about the book there. That way, we can track the reading that is taking place over the summer! It’s quick and easy. The survey is live; you can start tonight! The link is also on the Brent website.

We’re looking forward to hearing about all the great reading that your family does between now and next fall!

Summer Learning 2015

recommended summer reading 2015

I am excited about the next chapter of Brent’s success, Brent 2020: Planning Strategically. The Strategic Plan process created a very clear path forward and I am thrilled to see that plan actualized. Through the DCPS budget process, we were able to add positions to our staff for next year, namely a new 4th grade teacher, a full-time social worker, and a new SpEd teacher. Attached is the presentation from our April 1 PTA meeting.

Again, I look forward to Brent becoming an even better institution for student learning and social growth than it already is! Happy Spring Break!

Principal Young

April 1 PTA Meeting